David Mason-JonesDavid Mason-Jones is an experienced freelance journalist and author who lives on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. He has written on a wide range of subjects in Australia and Asia for over two decades. David has written in hard copy magazines and newspaper as well as ‘soft’ copy on-line news and information services. He has also written and marketed several books.

Since its inception, and for nineteen years following, David contributed to every monthly issue of Small Farms Magazine – a nationally published Australian farming magazine. For many years David was also the editor of the magazine. During his time as contributor/editor, the magazine was published in both the traditional hard copy format through newsagencies and subscription as well as an on-line digital format. With the sale of this magazine some years ago, and having now reached the age of 70 years, David has now stepped back from regular monthly contributions to this or any other publication. He is now focused on longer term contracts and projects and what he refers to as long-form journalism.

David is experienced in assisting corporations and individuals with their communications needs, including writing personal biographies and corporate histories. He has written professionally for clients on a fee for service basis – including ghost written books. See ‘CV and Background’ for detailed information.

David is the author of a number of books and his primary focus at the moment is to concentrate on the promotion and sale of these books. These books can be purchased on this website.