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David Mason-Jones, internationally experienced journalist and editor. Author of 7 books.

  • David Mason-Jones - Journalist & Author

    An experienced freelance journalist in print and on-line. David is the author of a number of books and his current focus is the promotion and sale of these books.
  • Patches of Brilliance

    This is the true story of an enforced year out from the rat race for our average middle class Australian hero. Facing a total reverse of his fortunes, partly as a result of the ‘Recession Australia had to have’ and partly through his own fault, our hero retreats from the home he once owned to his last remaining asset—a bush block near the river, just out of town in the Hunter Valley.
  • Should Meat be on the Menu?

    A book dispelling the myths about farm animals and global warming gases
  • Why Didn't my Grandmother get Fat?

    A book which tells of the positive health benefits – including weight control – of consuming animal products, including saturated fat, from grazing animals that have been grass fed all their lives.