AUDIO BOOK: Will the Great Barrier Reef Survive? Doubting the Doomed Reef scenario

This Audio Book is a professionally produced recording of the hard cover book, ‘Will the Great Barrier Reef Survive? Doubting the Doomed Reef scenario.’ The main voice is that of former BBC and ABC personality, Paul Griffiths, and author, David Mason-Jones, is also featured.

This Audio Book consists of ten recorded discs and is an ideal way of gaining information about the natural strength and resilience of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef on your next long car trip. Alternatively, you might just prefer to listen to an Audio Book rater than having to wade through the written version of a book.

The dominant narrative the media presents about the health of the Reef is that the Reef is exquisitely delicate and fragile, severely under threat of dying. This Audio Book explores a different thesis. Far from being fragile, could the coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, and other reefs within Australia’s waters, be more resilient than we think? Could coral be resilient and robust? Even – robust in the extreme?

Included within the package of discs is a small booklet of maps, photographs and diagrams which present certain concepts in visual form to aid understanding. This little booklet is a valuable addition to the recording.