Book projects and Ghost Writing

The journalism and writing service that David is most interested in providing these days is in the field of contract writing for projects, such as books. This is a logical progression from his work in providing traditional newspaper and magazine articles of limited length.

His previous expertise and publication background are relevant to his new focus on writing on the longer format of contracted books.


David has a broad reach of issues and topics. He is versatile in his approach with clients and sources, giving him the ability to research and write across an extremely wide variety of subjects. In fact David’s primary expertise does not lie in his superior subject knowledge of any issue or topic at all but, rather, his ability to converse with people, listen to their answers and incorporate these views into articles in magazines, newspapers and websites. David uses the skills of listening and writing to develop documents, books (including ghost written books), coffee table books, promotional material, biographies and histories.

Publication background

David’s articles have appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Courier Mail, The West Australian, The Canberra Times, The Jakarta Post, The New Zealand Herald, The Post  (NZ), The Bulletin, Human Capital magazine (Australia), Human Capital Asia magazine (Singapore), Human Resource Management magazine (Singapore), Chief Officer (CO) magazine, Australian Broker, Asian Maritime Business magazine,  Shipping World and Shipbuilder magazine, Commodities and Trade to Asia magazine, The Australian Investor (Website), Hoof Beats Magazine, Cattle Country Magazine,  Small Farms magazine – Australia’s largest independently owned rural magazine – as well as providing content for company newsletters, websites and other smaller magazines.

He has previously held consulting editor contracts with Human Capital Asia magazine, The Australian Investor website and Chief Officer magazine.

From his base on the south coast of New South Wales, David has the skill, technology and experience to communicate with clients and sources in Australia, Asia-Pacific, South Asia and the rest of the world.

David understands deadlines and, with more than two decades of freelance journalism experience, has the discipline and commitment to ensure they are always met.

Topics and issues

Some of the diverse range of topics and issues on which David has been published include:-

Environmental and farming

Rural and farming issues – a wide range of topics covered,
Water movement patterns in the Australian landscape,
Carbon sequestration in soils,
Soil carbon,
Cattle and the carbon cycle,
Pasture cropping – a method of building soil fertility,
Breakdown of methane belched by cattle,
How methane gas (CH4) is a part of the carbon cycle,
Organic food production,
Permaculture, biodynamic farming methods and hydroponics,
Bio char – a new way of producing carbon rich soils,
History of Grain Growers Association

Business and commerce

Personal interviews and profiles of achievers in business,
Daily market wraps on the Australian Stock Exchange,
Commentary on stock market capital raisings,
News and articles on the mortgage broking industry,
Supply chain issues including collaborative supply chains,
Human capital issues in Australia, Asia-Pacific and India,
Coal mining safety issues,
Government regulatory environment,
Australia/USA free trade agreement

Shipping and trade

Port briefs such as Singapore, Kaoshiung, Hong Kong,
Australia’s world class aluminium ship building industry,
Coal exports from Australia,
Australian exports to Asia,
The effect of the USA Jones Act re shipbuilding,

Other topics

History of CommInsure (a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank)
Personal biographies and histories
Articles on Defence related topics

Inquiry welcome

Commissioning editor enquiry about potential articles is always welcome.


David is a competent photographer. A recently published coffee table book containing hundreds of images included 20 of David’s photographs ranging from full page shots to small insets. He supports most of his articles in Small Farms Magazine with on-farm images of farmers, crops, livestock, machinery and farming methods. In his work in supporting the landscape hydrology research of Peter Andrews, of Natural Sequence Farming, David has taken a vast number of photos illustrating aspects of water movement in the Australian landscape. These have included images to illustrate points about flood plains, water flow, mulch accumulation, reed bed growth and other aspects about the management of rivers and floodplains in an environmentally way but in a way that also lifts agricultural productivity.