AUDIO BOOK RELEASE – Should meat be on the menu? Carbon issues in our food: paddock to plate

This new audio book is  a recording by professional speaker, Paul Griffiths and author, David Mason-Jones. The book is an updated version of the original hard copy of ‘Should meat be on the menu? … Carbon issues in our food: paddock to plate’ which was first published in 2010 and achieved sales of over 3500.

This audio book also features comments by Allan Savory, the world  famous ecology researcher who was one of the first to clearly recognise the beneficial relationship between roaming herds of grazing animals and the health of the grassland ecosystems upon which they graze. The set of discs includes around 10 hours of recording.

In addition to the audio discs the package includes a small 20 page booklet of photographs, tables and illustrations.

This is a practical way of discovering the positive role that grazing ruminant animals play in the environment. A great way of learning something during your next long car trip.

To obtain your copy of this informative audio book, please contact the author by email as

At just $38.50 (including postage in Australia) this represents a worthwhile investment in lifting your awareness of the issues surrounding the environmental credentials of cattle and other ruminant species.

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