Small Farms Magazine

Since the SF Mag Covers for website inception of Small Farms Magazine in November, David has been, firstly, a contributor to every issue of the magazine and, secondly, has been editor of the magazine for many years.

Small Farms Magazine is published throughout Australia by subscription and through news agencies in almost every town and suburb in the nation. Small Farms Magazine is also published in a digital version which is easily accessible by international readers.

In this role David has come into contact with almost every conceivable type of small farm in in all the states of Australia and some in New Zealand as well. He has come into contact with many of the innovators in small farming and has also incorporated the work of leading environmentalists into the farming articles he has written.

Small Farms is a niche publication designed to service and supply information to the smaller farming community. The magazine’s objective is to promote and support new rural industries and opportunities currently available in Australia.

Whilst there is no true definition of a small holding, the small farm definition used is one that includes a land area of between five and 500 hectares, and one that is owner-operated.

Small Farms focuses heavily on a wealth of opportunities available for people wishing to enter the agricultural market for the first time, whilst assisting the existing farming population with new ideas for diversification, and growth.

The group of journalists is constantly sourcing and researching interesting material to keep readers up-to-date and well informed in the small farms market.

To ensure professionalism, the senior management team of the magazine has in excess of fifty years’ involvement and experience in the agricultural and publishing industry.

It is his experience in this field that makes David Mason-Jones an outstandingly competent journalist to help an individual or corporation wishing to complete a book on any rural issue.