David as Speaker

David as Speaker

David is an experienced speaker and is available to speak at your next event. His latest topic of most interest is about the content of his book, Will the Great Barrier Reef Survive? … Doubting the Doomed Reed Scenario’. The main thesis that David presents in this speech is that, contrary to the dominant narrative in media circles today, the Great Barrier Reef and the other coral reefs of Australia may be far more robust and resilient than most people assume. Indeed, the geological history of coral would indicate that it is a life form that is resilient in the extreme.

If you are looking for a speaker on this topic please contact David to discuss.

You might like to consider appointing David as a speaker at your next event be it a small field day on a farm, a cattle or sheep breed association, or a corporate conference. David is a professional speaker who has addressed audiences about the environmental issues raised in his first book, ‘Should meat be on the menu?’

CC DMJ at Nebo Bull Sale Nov 09 Quarter rezDavid is interested in talking with groups – including Green groups, Landcare groups, Catchment Management Authorities, Service Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, academic groups, schools, other educational bodies, political groups, student groups, environmental activists and anyone interested in understanding the relationship between farm animals and the atmospheric carbon cycle. This includes the emission of global warming gases, the carbon dioxide cycle, methane production and the methane cycle, enhanced food security, soil carbon sequestration and the restoration of sound ecological systems in farming landscapes.

With regard to his new book, ‘Why didn’t my Grandmother get fat? … and why did I?’ David has only, at this stage, spoken at one food related event about the topic of this book. He is interested in talking with groups interested in the weight gain and obesity epidemic, good food and healthy lifestyles. Although the issues dealt with in these books may seem quite separate from each other, David’s view is that they both mesh because the health of humans is so dependant of the health of the food they eat – including the animals they eat. And the health of the animals is related to the health of the environment in which they live. David can provide a thought provoking talk on these subjects for your next event.

Finally, if it is a good motivational talk you would like at your next event, how about considering asking David to talk on his book, Patches of Brilliance. It’s a great tale of losing it all and – eventually – getting it all back. It is a motivational talk about turning defeat into victory.

David welcomes enquiry about speaking on a fee-for-service basis at your function, seminar, conference or other event.