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Will the Great Barrier Reef Survive? …. Doubting the Doomed Reef Scenario by David Mason-Jones 

ISBN 978-0-9924546-3-0 (pbk) 90,000 words. This is a greatly expanded version of an essay originally published in 2017 after the back to back coral bleaching events of 2016 and 2017 and severe damage to the reef as a result of cyclone damage. The book takes issue with the extreme predictions, made at the time, of the imminent doom of the Great Barrier Reef.




AUDIO BOOK: Will the Great Barrier Reef Survive? …. Doubting the Doomed Reef Scenario by David Mason-Jones 


ISBN 978-0-9924546-4-7 (audio book) This set of ten discs is the audio book recording of the paper edition of ‘Will the Great Barrier Reef Survive? …. Doubting the Doomed Reef Scenario’. Professional narrator, Paul Griffiths, takes us through the book with many sections also narrated by the author, David Mason-Jones.

The set of discs is also accompanied by a small booklet of the maps, photographs, and diagrams appearing in the book.


Patches of Brilliance – My year in a bush hut.

By David Mason-Jones

ISBN 978099245609 (pbk) (48,000 words) This is the true story of an enforced year out of the rat race for our average middle class Australian hero – Yes, David Mason-Jones himself. Facing a total reversal; of his fortunes earlier in life, our hero retreats from the home he once owned to his last remaining asset – a bush block near the river, just out of town in the Hunter Valley. He lived in a rough time hut with few comforts and yet, in retrospect, it was a charming and challenging interlude in life. Maybe everyone should experience a primitive life in a hut in the Australian bush for at least part of their lives?  The Dewey Number for this book is 920.710994 Mason-Jones, David,  Self-actualization (Psychology),  Life-changing events – Australia.



Animal Fat and Weight Loss BookWhy didn’t my Grandmother get fat?  … and why did I?’     By David Mason-Jones

ISBN 97800-646-59137-7 (pbk) (96,000 words) In this book David asks why it is that our forebears ate animal fat as a significant part of their diet and did not, as an overall generation, become as fat as we are becoming today. He comes to the conclusion that eating the correct type of animal fat is a component of a healthy diet in which excess weight can both be reduced and controlled. He has lived by this conclusion and reduced his weight – and kept it off – for over six years now. The Dewey number for this book is 616.39800994, Obesity, weight gain, food habits, Government policy, nutrition, nutritionally induced diseases.




Should Meat be on the Menu? Book CoverShould meat be on the menu? – Carbon issues in our food, paddock to plate    By David Mason-Jones

ISBN 9780646531373 (85,000 words) This book explores the widely held misconception that sheep, cattle and other grazing animals are responsible for an enormous net production of new global warming gases. The Dewey Number for this book is 363.7387, Atmospheric carbon dioxide – Australia, Meat industry and trade – Environmental aspects – Australia, Global warming, Food chains (Ecology).





DMJBooks Akos Kovacs front coverAkos Kovacs – an Hungarian Australian Odyssey     By David Mason-Jones

ISBN 0 646 31886 1 (75,000 words), covers the life and work of a Hungarian refugee who escaped communist rule in 1949 and moved to Australia to become something of a Perth, Western Australia, legend.







DMJBooks Footnote to my Eptitaph coverA Footnote to my Epitaph   By David Mason-Jones

ISBN 0 646 14295 X (80,000 words), the biography of a resident of the Hunter Valley, NSW, who was in the Red Army during the Second World War. Out of print but re-publishing soon.







DMJBooks graingrowers front page

Fields of Gold – 50 Years of Grain Growers’ Association     By David Mason-Jones

ISBN 9780977502929 . A coffee table book of 150 pages with extensive text, tables and images relating the story of how Australia’s largest grain grower organisation was formed, grew and prospered.




DMJBooks webuilt a bridge front cover

We Built a Bridge    by David Mason-Jones

ISBN 0 646 21991 X (20,000 words) The story of Sam and Rita Buttigieg who migrated to Australia from the island of Gozo, Malta, in 1949. It covers their early life on the island prior to the Second World War, their experience in the war, and the effort and success of settling in a new country.






DMJBooks Chrysler front coverChryslers on the Murray    by David Mason-Jones

A coffee table book to commemorate the twentieth anniversary (in 2012) of an event named ‘Chryslers on the Murray’. For twenty years, this event has been held in the cities of Albury and Wodonga which sit on opposite banks of Australia’s Murray River.  The book contains a huge photographic record of the event.



DMJBooks Comminsure front coverOur rich history    by David Mason-Jones

An in-house history publication produced by Comminsure, the insurance subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, to mark the 135th anniversary of the founding of the Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited in 1873.






Ghost written books

David has completed two ghost written books. The details of these books are confidential.